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"Thank you for writing Conversation with Character.  It is a great teaching tool.  It has blessed many families." –Parent in North Carolina (more comments)

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Comparing Versions of Conversation with Character
Basic vs. Advanced

Basic Version Basic Version

  • For ages 9 through early teens.

  • Trains children in conversational basics, from answering the telephone to being concise.

  • 22 parent-led lessons.

  • Great for teaching several children together.

  • Ends each chapter with activity suggestions that often involve the whole family. 

  • Begins with the basics. Any elementary-age child can learn. 

Magnifying glass comparison

Both versions are based on the belief that conversation is a God-given tool to be used with excellence, and that training and effort are keys to such excellence.

Both books prominently feature Bible verses and famous quotes related to each lesson.

Both books present good character as the essential ingredient for the exercise of conversational skill.

Many parents begin with Conversation with Character for children ages 9 into early-teens to lay the foundation. Once the foundation is established, the same children can work through Advanced Conversation with Character to develop their conversational expertise.

Advanced Version Advanced Version

  • For teens to young adults.

  • Builds on the basics and addresses new topics appropriate to older students.

  • A 21-chapter guide for self-teaching. (See Table of Contents.)

  • Suited for the individual student. 

  • Challenges the self-learner with ways to personally put each lesson into practice. 

  • No matter how your teens learned conversational basics, they can transition easily into Advanced Conversation with Character, without first using the basic text. 

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