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"Thank you for writing Conversation with Character.  It is a great teaching tool.  It has blessed many families." –Parent in North Carolina (more comments)

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Table of Contents
Conversation with Character

Lessons Lessons

  • Introduction

  • Start a Conversation

  • Pass the Ball

  • Keep an “I” Out

  • Show Interest and Effort 

  • Speak Blessings 

  • Be Concise 

  • Don’t Repeat

  • Make Smooth Transitions

  • Control Body Language

  • Overcome Irritating Mannerisms

  • Don’t Slam Doors 

  • Be Agreeable 

  • Be Loyal

  • Thank-you Pleases

  • Give and Receive Compliments

  • Take a Good Call

  • Make a Good Call 

  • Water Gossip

  • End the Conversation

  • Give Respect and Honor 

  • Prepare for Group-Speak 

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Supplemental Materials Supplemental Materials

  • Conversation Starter Cards

  • Getting to Know Each Other

  •  I.O.U.s

  • Out Ouch

  • "Don't Need to Say Everything" Poster

  • Match Expressions to Body Language

  • George Washington’s Rules of Civility

  • Sabotage!

  • Please

  • Stop, Look and Listen

  • Memorization 

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