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"Thank you for writing Conversation with Character.  It is a great teaching tool.  It has blessed many families." –Parent in North Carolina (more comments)

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Conversation with Character
The first step in conversation and character training.

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Benefits Benefits

  • Train your child as an ambassador, bringing honor to you and God. 
  • Turn your child into a conversation pro with 22 lessons covering conversation skills from "hello" to "farewell." 

  • Simplify life for a busy parent with easy to use, convenient lesson plans, requiring no unusual supplies.

  • Provide pleasant family times with fun activities.

This book is so popular that some are now printing unauthorized copies and selling them online. If you see this book sold as "new" on eBay—especially if offered in quantity—then we invite you to consider the character quality of the seller. Granted, there could be the odd person who purchased one copy and then didn't use it. We have no problem with such a transaction. But that is rarely the case. 

These books are probably pirated...unauthorized...illegal. Thanks for encouraging quality and good character by purchasing only from an authorized source.

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Quotes with Character 

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Advanced Conversation with Character

What Reviewers Say What Reviewers Say

5 About stars"

"I definitely recommend Conversation with Character!" -Homeschool Enrichment Magazine

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"We have a wonderful time with Conversation with Character" -Parent in TN

"Thank you for the wonderful tools in helping us with our sons in conversation skills." -Parent in IN

"My kids think this is so much fun!" -Parent in TX

More from parents.

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