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"Thank you for writing Conversation with Character.  It is a great teaching tool.  It has blessed many families." –Parent in North Carolina (more comments)

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Quotes with Character
A quote a day for wisdom, penmanship and conversation.

Benefits Benefits

  • To Gain Wisdom

  • To Practice Penmanship  

  • To Daily Bless Others

To Gain Wisdom: A child has had little opportunity to gather his own wisdom. In fact, many exposures to popular culture and other children do the opposite. Nurture your child’s mind with history’s wise thoughts. The book of Proverbs distills kernels of great truth into a few words, and it is readily available to most. Quotes with Character expands that concept by drawing also from the wisdom of great men and women through the ages, who wrote short, pithy sayings consistent with Biblical truth. These sayings are easily remembered and will, I pray, play on our children’s “mind tapes” all through their lives. I did include a few Bible verses, for I couldn’t resist, but the majority of quotes are from other sources. 

To Practice Penmanship: Writing a quote by hand reinforces the words on the mind and helps the child internalize it—making it a part of who they are. How better to practice?

To Daily Bless Others: The ability to access wise sayings from one’s “mental bank” is an aid to good conversation and a blessing to others. 


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This book is the perfect companion to

Conversation with Character.

How To Use This Book How To Use This Book

Select a quote for today
–With 201 quotes, this book is designed to last through an entire school year. Find an index of topics and character issues in the back of the book. Choose the quote you feel is most beneficial for your child this day.

Copy the quote – Have your child copy the quote into a notebook.

Discuss the meaning – Discuss the meaning of the quote before your child copies it, and/or make it a topic of discussion at family time.

Memorize the quote – Have your child memorize the quote and recite it for the family. 

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