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"Thank you for writing Conversation with Character.  It is a great teaching tool.  It has blessed many families." –Parent in North Carolina (more comments)

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Parents Who Are Also Publishers
Over 1,000 families have trained their children with Conversation with Character.
Here is a sampling of the feedback we hear. No wonder people are talking!

Yes! Advanced Conversation with
Character is an amazing compilation

“Is it possible for a book to teach practical matters that a parent may not even realize need teaching?

Yes! Advanced Conversation with Character is an amazing compilation of wisdom that filled a void in our family that I did not know existed before reading this gentle guide!

Parents and students alike will be challenged and encouraged in the conversation of daily life, for traveling abroad, for writing emails, by learning important etiquette for special occasions, and...well, I don't want to ruin the surprises for you!

All my children will be reading this marvelous book. What an excellent follow-up to Conversations with Character! “

Joanne Calderwood
Author/speaker on self-directed learning

The world will be a better place

“In Advanced Conversation with Character, Bill and Derri Smith have created an enjoyable and helpful guide to more positive and effective interaction with others. I know the guidance they provide really works, because the principles they teach have blessed my own life.

This is a resource that you will want to keep handy, since its power for your life will grow as you refer to it over and over. When you conscientiously and prayerfully apply the lessons in Advanced Conversation with Character, the world will be a better place – or at least your corner of it will be.”

Ray Notgrass
The Notgrass Company 

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