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"Thank you for writing Conversation with Character.  It is a great teaching tool.  It has blessed many families." –Parent in North Carolina (more comments)

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Review of Conversation with Character Review of Conversation with Character

"You and your children will enjoy the journey..."

Conversation with Character is designed to help children learn and practice the art of effective communication by working through 22 short, easy to use lessons covering conversation from start to finish.

The goal of this curriculum is to teach children to relate to people as Jesus did. The hope of the authors is to help parents work with their children to weed out bad habits that hinder loving communication, and to cultivate good habits.

This curriculum provides organized, bite-sized concepts that are easily taught. Each lesson includes one or more activities designed to facilitate practice of the concepts. Further, each lesson includes a Bible verse to memorize that reinforces the concept. Examples of lessons covered in this curriculum include: Start a conversation; pass the ball; Keep an “I” out; show interest and effort; don’t interrupt; speak blessings; be concise; give and receive compliments, end the conversation, and give respect and honor. Further, excellent supplemental materials are provided to reinforce the concepts covered in the lessons.

As I read through this curriculum I found it interesting, thought-provoking, and engaging. I also found the integration of the concepts, activities, and Bible verses to be well-planned and comfortable, if you will. Not a force fit that often occurs when an author attempts to throw things together that clearly don’t mesh.

I liked Conversation with Character and would highly recommend it to others who pray that their children will be like shining stars that “appear as lights in the world.” (Philippians 2:15). These shining stars must learn to relate to people as Jesus did. That said, then the best place to start is with something as fundamental, but critical for much else that follows, as conversation. Please don’t hesitate to contact these nice people and order a copy of Conversation with Character. I believe that you and your children will enjoy the journey the Smiths take you on, from start to finish.

Product Review by: Heather W. Allen
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
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Review of Quotes with Character Review of Quotes with Character

"A valuable addition to anyone’s library."

Quotes with Character was designed by Derri Smith originally for her own children. Her plan was to compile handwriting exercises that would fill her children’s mind with good things. The result of her effort is this book that features a quote for every school day (180), plus a few extra thrown in, that reflects biblical values.

Why did Mrs. Smith focus on quotes? Her reasoning was threefold:

  1. To allow the child to gain wisdom;
  2. To provide an opportunity for the child to practice penmanship; and
  3. To have in one’s repertoire wise sayings for the purpose of being able to daily bless others.

Did Mrs. Smith succeed in her efforts? I believe she did. This is an excellent little book that would be a valuable addition to anyone’s library. Further, this book is an excellent companion to Bill and Derri Smith’s language arts curriculum, Conversation with Character.

Product Review by: Heather W. Allen
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Copyright on this article is held by HomeschoolMagazine.com.

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